Siddhi Therapeutics

1. General

We do not collect any sensitive data or personal information from the users of the website except for the cookies mentioned in our Cookies Policy. We do ask for, or collect any other information from the users without obtaining prior informed consent from the users. We do not store any personal data and information of the users in our servers and nor disseminate any information to third-parties, unless otherwise expressly stated herein. All information sent by users of the website to Siddhi Therapeutics for recruitment or for any other enquiries are collected and stored confidentially.


Siddhi Therapeutics shall maintain confidentiality of all confidential information, including any users’ personal information shared for recruitment purposes, and shall not disclose it to anyone except as provided herein. Siddhi Therapeutics shall ensure that such confidential information is protected with security measures and a degree of care that it would apply to its own confidential information. Siddhi Therapeutics will endeavour to take all technical and organizational measures to protect your information against unlawful or accidental destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised access and/or unauthorised disclosure. For instance, all personal data is stored in a password protected database which is never accessible to the public or any non-authorised employee of Siddhi Therapeutics.

Siddhi Therapeutics acknowledges that its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, agents, and contractors (as the case may be) shall use the confidential information only for the intended business purposes for which such information is provided. Siddhi Therapeutics shall endeavour to take all necessary measures to ensure that its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, agents, and contractors (as the case may be) comply with the confidentiality provisions contained herein.

Siddhi Therapeutics maintains a record of the information shared by users in perpetuity. Other information, unless as instructed by you or unless a longer retention period is required by law or permitted by law, shall be reviewed periodically and deleted if the criteria for retention are no longer met.


Siddhi Therapeutics only uses and shares the categories of information we collect from and about you consistent with the various business purposes outlined in this Policy. Siddhi Therapeutics does not sell or license personal information to third parties i.e., Siddhi Therapeutics will never give your email address or other personal details to a third party for the purpose of advertising or promotions, or as a part of any reciprocal arrangement. Notwithstanding the above, Siddhi Therapeutics might need to share the information we collect about you to make our services run smoothly and to operate our business under the following circumstances:


Siddhi Therapeutics shall strive to act responsibly and undertake all possible measures while handling your personal data and information submitted to us, and Siddhi Therapeutics shall promptly notify all its users of any known or suspected data security breach incident. Siddhi Therapeutics shall investigate the cause of such data security breach, take all measures to eliminate or mitigate the exposure of users’ data, and keep its users informed of the status of the investigation.